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The sisters find themselves drawn to slightly different methods – Tanya focuses on the healing abilities of oils and crystals; Christy is drawn to the healing powers of sound and trance journeys –  but the two divergent approaches only help illuminate Sacred Vibras’ holistic and empowering view of healing.  Christy and Tanya aim to help awaken the healer within all of us through their offerings.

Christy Hong Dawson

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Energy Healer based in Los Angeles, California. She has dedicated herself to helping others awaken the healer within themselves and that it’s possible to:

Stay rooted in your sense of self while taking on new identities

Allow your heart to open up after heart-break

Create meaningful and healthy relationships

Reconcile with past traumas

Embrace forgiveness

​Discover joy again after losing someone

Tanya Hong Sanchez

A Certified Energy Healer and Akashic Records reader based in Los Angeles, California. Practicing metaphysical healing over 10 years for her own spiritual journey and now ready to extend her offerings to help you:

Visualize your purpose

Intuitively heal your heart and soul​

Balance your chi and open your vibrational flow

Release all that no longer serves you

Access your inner voice and divine messages

Set intentions for a better life, relationships, and self

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